Barbara Kruger Reigns Supreme: Conceptual Artist Slams 'Uncool Jokers'



Here's a little midweek schadenfreude for you: Legendary artist Barbara Kruger has finally let her thoughts about the weird commodification of her anti-commodity art be known. Supreme, the New York skate/hip-hop/punk shop, has been in a legal battle with Leah McSweeney over her "Supreme Bitch" T-shirts. The white-font-on-red-block design that McSweeney's Married to the MOB brand has been selling is too similar to Supreme's logo, so they're suing her for $10 million.

But you know, Barbara Kruger's been making designs like that since 1979. She's been copied by everyone from TIME Magazine to these odd "I Shop Therefore I Am" totes that museum stores were selling for a while. But for whatever reason, Kruger has remained silent about the Supreme brand, which has been around since the mid-1990s and whose rip-of-a-logo has become iconic in its own right.

Luckily, one of the reporters at Complex, a New York-based style mag, sent Kruger an email asking if she cared to issue a statement about the kerfuffle. Read her response, which was sent as an attachment in an otherwise blank email, after the jump.

Barbara Kruger’s response to Complex (via
  • Barbara Kruger’s response to Complex (via

Foster Kamer, the Complex reporter responsible for scoring the statement, added his own zinger to Kruger's killer burn:

In related news, an old white woman just called all the downtown kids uncool, and for one of the only times in recorded human history, it actually stings.

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