Imogene + Willie Launches Home Goods Department




Like many of you, I have a love/hate relationship with luxury. I love the idea of high-quality work and high-class design, and I’ll wear a fancy piece of clothing until it’s in tatters to avoid having to dig out mid-range mall clothes from the back of my closet. I'd also be remiss to ignore the ethical dilemma involved in buying mass-produced garments, which is a human rights issue, and not just a personal preference. But I’m also extremely suspicious of fancy-for-fancy’s-sake shopping, and I try to pair every investment piece with something thrifted or a T-shirt from Hanes.

The same goes for home décor. There’s just something about the in-between range — the Pottery Barns and the Crate & Barrels — that’s way too suburban housewife for me, and if I had to come home to that every day I’d end up feeling like I was living inside an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Sex in the City or some other terrible level of existence. And although I can’t afford wall-to-wall ABC Home and Eames furniture, I can appreciate a thoughtfully chosen home accessory.

If you can relate, you’ve got to check out Imogene + Willie’s new collection of home goods. They range from glorious (vintage African indigo textiles, vintage brass bowls) to strange (driftwood wind chimes) to totally superfluous (limited-edition leather footballs, an ostrich feather “skin relaxer brush,” and something called an apothecary matchstick bottle), but even the most extravagant curios are bound to please somebody's weird taste.

Check out the shop online, in the I+W store on 12South, or on Sunday at the Northern Grade pop-up shop off Third Avenue downtown. And stop by the Family Dollar on your way home to pick up some glass pillar candles and a pack of white Ts, just to even things out.

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