This Week in Awesome Ballet Teasers: Dance Theatre of Tennessee's Cinderella


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Dance and ballet companies face some of the same challenges that symphony orchestras find themselves dealing with — namely, how do you draw in new audiences and battle the perception that your art form is dry or musty?

That's why I got such a kick out of Dance Theatre of Tennessee's trailer for Cinderella, above. Take a peek.

Below, an excerpt from Katie Mills' preview of Cinderella in this week's Scene:

If you don't go to the ballet because you think it's an overly earnest or outdated art form, check out Dance Theatre of Tennessee's Cinderella teaser video on YouTube. As Prokofiev's somber strains play in the background, the evil stepsisters razz Cinderella like a couple of trash-talkin' girls straight off the set of The Jerry Springer Show.

Of course, when DTT's Cinderella hits the Father Ryan stage this weekend, you won't see the stepsisters trash-talking. But you will see some of the same sense of humor, imagination and energy that went into making what has to be the funniest ballet trailer we've ever seen. (OK, it may be the only ballet trailer we've seen, but still, it's hilarious.)

Read the whole review here.


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