Last Day to See Scott Smallwood's Hideout at Seed Space



Scott Smallwood: Hideout
Where: Seed Space
When: Through April 29

Artist Scott Smallwood has composed chamber music for traditional instruments, but his creative curiosity takes flight when he’s composing for networked laptops, or designing sound and light installations that are powered by the sun and influenced by wind and other environmental factors. This kind of technological interactivity means that many of Smallwood’s pieces are site-specific creations that take advantage of unique environmental qualities like natural light and air currents.

The artist’s “Rainforest Arcade” piece consisted of custom-designed solar sound circuits. A YouTube video of the piece’s debut at the Latitude 53 Gallery in Alberta captures what sounds like a cacophonous jungle, with tones that morph as the sun’s position in the sky changes. It’ll be interesting to see how Smallwood negotiates the challenges of the Seed Space layout. It’ll be even more interesting to hear how he does it.

Watch a video of Smallwood discussing his work at Seed Space above, and check out "Rainforest Arcade" after the jump.

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