Congratulations, Acklen Post Office — You're One of America's Quirkiest Post Offices



Kudos to Hillsboro Village's Acklen Post Office, which received the coveted No. 7 slot in Travel + Leisure magazine's online list of America's quirkiest post offices. (To No. 8 Texarkana, we can only say: In your face! WE'RE NO. 7!!!)

We expected the mag to uncover all sorts of wacky shenanigans at Acklen — postal workers delivering mail via festive puppets, say, or handmade stamps in honor of Heirloom Potato Week. But the post office captured the magazine's eye for its imposing wall of celebrity customer photographs. If that's quirky, half the barber shops, diners and dry cleaners in Nashville rank somewhere between Emo Phillips and Ish Kabibble.

But the list is worth checking out — not just for Acklen, but also to make the acquaintance of Going Postal, Evan Kalish's photo blog devoted to America's post offices (5,042 in 49 states since August 2008 and counting). There may come a point in the future when we're thankful this record exists.

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