Hit the Lights: Bruce Munro Turns Cheekwood Into a Real-Life Fairyland



Without sounding too much like a first-year art student, the best word for Bruce Munro's Light is ethereal. Think Tinkerbell… multiplied by 20,000.

Watching the rainbow of lights slowly come to life around you — its own quiet, glowing, morphing little world — is a little like riding around looking at Christmas lights … while stoned out of your mind.

Light is a collection of art installations made up of iridescent orbs and objects that will eventually number in the hundreds of thousands. Munro’s team will log more than 2,000 man-hours assembling it before the show opens May 24.

At the Tuesday night preview, Munro spoke to the press, art lovers and donors about how Light came to be.

“I was pretty stupid at most things,” said Munro. “I wasn’t very academic. I just really loved painting. [But] I was a bad painter … One day, I discovered light.”

“You need a medium to… find yourself and to explain things to other people, and light happens to be mine,” said Munro.

“I’m not a person with words, so I use light to explain what I feel.”

Judging by the stupefied smiles on the faces of the crowd, the feeling Munro was going for is wonder.

So when it opens to the public, lay Cheekwood’s high-class reputation aside and just come enjoy it. After all, at the end of the day, we’re all just Griswolds standing on a lawn watching pretty stuff twinkle.

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