Nashville Fashion Week Recap: Day Two



Day two of Nashville Fashion Week started with what was one of my favorite components of the week, the panels. You can read all of the details here and here, and if you want a little more background on some of the issues we discussed, check out the Scene cover story from last week.

That night, the runway was held in the Trolley Barns at Rolling Mill Hill, and don't feel like a loser if you don't know where that is, because we didn't either. Basically, it's this super cool place just across from Hermitage Cafe/Crema/etc. right before you cross over the river, and it's home to all of these awesome things.

Anyway, when we arrived to the runway show that night, we found out three interesting facts:

1. It was cold. Really cold for April.
2. T Rains was closing the show, and those boys were going to be in speedos.
3. See #2.

Needless to say, this was going to be an interesting runway show.

After several glasses of wine — that's how you get warm during nuclear winter in April, people — we huddled together to watch the first designer, O'More grad Kat Seaton. Her line was heavy on brocade, with suiting a palatable mix of masculine and feminine.

Next up was Tuft, who was part of NFW's 2012 Emerging Designer show. Tuft designer Jessica Jones won us over with her whimsical yet biting designs ... picture Courtney Love, but with cotton candy.

I loved this collection. I probably would have picked off all of those little puffy things that adorned several of the looks, but I was totally digging the overall vibe. It's like she took the trashy side out of kinderwhore, making it sweet, but still a little deconstructed. Anyway, see what you think:

I was really excited to see the next collection from Poni Silver, Black By Maria Silver. Poni was another NFW 2012 Emerging Designer, and her runway show did not disappoint. I loved her mix of velour pants, badass jackets and some of the hottest dresses seen on the runway all week, like this amazing number:

And my favorite dress on my favorite model, the incredible Dylan Stephens?! Heaven.

  • Photo by Layla Mays

Next up was Pink Elephants Designs, another NFW 2012 Emerging Designer, whose frilly dresses are made for the bold girly girl (loved the big hair, too!).



  • Photo by Shelley Justiss

And then there was T. Rains. Traver Rains and Galen Drever have shown at every NFW, and they always bring lots of fun, lots of color and lots of skin. And, as someone who was sitting front row during the show, I can attest that these boys smelled like coconuts. Lovely.

  • Photo by Shelley Justiss

  • Photo by Shelley Justiss

  • Photo by Shelley Justiss

  • Photo by Shelley Justiss

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