Fitness Crawl Studio Spotlight: Hot Yoga Plus



  • Photo by Ashley Hylbert

It's Day 1 of our Fitness Crawl, and if you've been following our posts here, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect this week. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the schedule here so you can see all of the great free classes that studios and gyms around town are offering this week.

Today's featured studio is Hot Yoga Plus, which has locations in Brentwood, Cool Springs and in Nashville off Elliston Place. I've been practicing at Hot Yoga Plus for the past month, and because I like to punish myself, I embarked on a bizarre little challenge to try all of the teachers and all of the classes (in order to balance it out, I ate a lot of junk this month, too). I mean, these guys offer everything.

New to the Hot 26 series? You can try a 60, 75 or 90 minute class and find out what works best for you (I'd love to commit to a regular 90 minute class, but life rarely allows it. The 60 is great for days when you're in a rush, but my favorite is the 75. The difference is explained a little in the Fahrenheit Yoga post here).

For those days you're really in a rush, the 44-minute Espresso Flow, offered over lunch hour, is an efficient calorie burn. Just remember to bring shower stuff and reinforcements to put your face and hair back together before you go back to work, or you'll look like you just swam the English Channel.

If you're looking for a more therapeutic, deep stretchy class, HYP offers Yin/Yang yoga and Restorative Yoga, both of which involve holding poses longer so you can really work those muscles.

While I looooooove the traditional Hot 26 series so much that I want to make out with it, I keep coming back for the Power Flow classes. At HYP, the Power Flow class (offered in 60 and 75 minute options) combines many of the sequences you're likely familiar with if you do yoga — sun salutations, balance work, etc. — with the heat cranked up a bit. What I love about the Power Flow class as that the instructors at HYP are so creative in their choreography (or whatever the proper yogic term is for the way they combine the sequences) — I literally never know what's coming next, and I'm working so hard to keep up and truly push myself in each posture that I'm shocked when we start winding down towards savasana.

I will say this: Power Flow is not for sissies. While the instructors are great about monitoring the room and attending to individual students, it is on you to know your body and know your limits. I've had mornings where I've dialed it in a little — which is really a sissy move on my part, but we all have those mornings — and I've had mornings where I push myself so hard that I think I might die. In a good way. Today was one of those I almost died mornings. Lindsay Hackemann made me regret my late-night dinner of Jet's Pizza and heavily discounted chocolate Easter bunnies, but I survived. And then had more chocolate Easter bunnies for breakfast.

Clearly, demand was high to try HYP because tonight's Fitness Crawl class has already filled up. Those of you who reserved a spot in advance, well done! We will see you tonight! Your instructor is the lovely Susannah Herring:

  • Photo by Ashley Hylbert

  • Photo by Ashley Hylbert

If you slacked on advance planning, you're in luck: We have another fitness crawl stop tonight at East Nashville's Margaret Maddox YMCA, where you can try out the legendary "Dance It Out" class at 6:30. I did not sample this particular class because I have the danc skills of a drunk newborn colt, but I've heard this is a seriously fun class. In fact, it's so fun, its fills up quickly, so get there early to reserve your dance space. Call 615-228-5525 for details.

Also, Fitness Crawl participants are eligible for a discounted registration for the Race for the Cure this fall, so be sure to pick up your Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Greater Nashville flyer at each of the Fitness Crawl stops this week. Because fitness doesn't end when the crawl ends, ladies!

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