Fitness Crawl Studio Spotlight: Sanctuary Yoga




Today's stop on the fitness train for the Fitness Crawl is Sanctuary Yoga. Sanctuary has been a Nashville favorite since 2004, and while their primary class is Prana Vinyasa Flow, they offer a variety of yoga classes including yin yoga, therapeutic/gentle flow, heated flow (not as hot as Bikram or hot yoga, but the temp is upped to 85 degrees) and an uber-relaxing candlelight flow.

I've practiced at both studios throughout the years, back when they had the little room a stone's throw from Donut Den (balance, friends), in their expansion into their beautiful room off Richard Jones, and at their satellite studio in the Gulch, a stone's throw from Urban Outfitters (yoga + shopping = winning). One of my favorite classes is Power Lunch, which I would sneak away to on days when I needed a bit of a kick in the arse to keep going. Since I usually wear yoga pants to work anyway, I would totally get away with playing hooky. Well, until now. Whoops.


What I love about Sanctuary as that it's a great studio for all levels. There's nothing intimidating about walking in to either location, and the instructors are super helpful if you're new to the practice. I was a big fan of co-owner Tom Larkin's Power Lunch class because, in addition to leading a strenuous flow class, he'd insert some corny jokes here and there that distract you from the fact that your thigh is on fire. I appreciate that. Oh, and Melissa Eltringham has the best yoga class music I've ever experienced, hands down. These things are important, people. I've been stuck in a yoga class where the instructor played Journey. Aye.


Anyway, our Fitness Crawl stop will feature the lovely Jessalyn Hakanson (pictured above), who will lead a vinyasa flow class at 1pm on Saturday, April 13. The class is limited to 50 spots, so call 615-297-8797 to register and plan to show up a little early to register. This is the final destination of the 2013 Fitness Crawl, so we hope to see you there!

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