In Praise of Sally Lyndley: NFW's Bold/Beautiful Guest Star



Just like last year, the part of fashion week I was looking forward to the most was the industry panels. And, just like I was enamored with Natalie Chanin (silverfox Debbie Harry) after being introduced to her as a panelist, I left yesterday's panels with a total obsession with Sally Lyndley, the ballsy, don't-give-a-fuck stylist who was part of Libby Callaway's Look Sharp! panel about branding. Abby White will have an in-depth look into all of the industry panels later today, but I couldn't let the opportunity to praise a new girl-crush of Sally's caliber pass me by.

Sally is originally from Dallas, and told the audience that her first stint as a stylist was for the Dallas Morning News. Fast-forward about five years and she's introducing P. Diddy to Zac Posen and working as the fashion editor for POP, one of the most respected mags in the business. Aside from her obvious brains and talent, the secret of her quick rise to success seems to be that she's a hard-working reservoir of opinions. At this point in her career, she's working with Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour, and just about every other household name in the business.

Her recent series of YouTube videos on Look! TV is the best possible vehicle for her brand of balls-out confidence, and I watched a big chunk of them after the panel and felt inspired by all that straight talkin'. After the jump, check out Sally's take on your best bets for Spring/Summer 2013. And sign me up for that Youthquake Feminist/Slutty Nun look, please.

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