New Show Alert: Nashville Confidential on TNT



Remember when we told you about a casting call for a “successful, powerful WOMAN, single or married, with an outstanding personality, who frequents the Nashville social scene?” Well, it turns out that show is actually happening. Nashville Confidential, an “unscripted” “docudrama” is coming to TNT in early 2014, and here’s what they have to say about it:

Nashville Confidential is set in and around the high-stakes country music business based in Nashville, Tenn. Centering on some of Nashville’s most compelling power couples, the show provides an alluring and unprecedented glimpse behind the scenes of one of America’s most unique, vibrant and competitive cities.

The goings-on of Music Row take place in a world I am not privy to, so I couldn't even begin to guess which power couples might participate (though it is a rule of both life and television that people with real power don’t generally appear on reality TV). That said, I hope Nashville Confidential continues my favorite tradition of Real Housewives-style programming: eating fake lunches in restaurants that have been totally emptied out for filming. Keep an eye out for ladies drinking cocktails in Noshville all of a sudden, or for Patterson House to be presented as an upscale burger joint with only four customers.

Source: Deadline

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