Fitness Crawl Studio Spotlight: Krank Nashville




Despite the frigid temps outside, it's never too early to start thinking about swimsuits and strapless summer dresses. Some of you may even be involved in some sort of spring break shenanigans at this very moment, although if you're anywhere near the city limits, we sure hope you're wearing more than a bathing suit.

For the rest of us who are dreading the moment our pasty, doughy limbs are exposed for all the world to see, there is hope: We offer the 2013 Fitness Crawl, presented by Nashville Scene and The YMCA of Middle Tennessee.

The crawl will feature free classes at several local studios and gyms in Nashville and Brentwood, giving you the opportunity to try different types of workouts, different teachers and different environments. Participating vendors include the YMCA, Hot Yoga Plus, Iron Tribe, Fahrenheit Yoga, Krank Nashville, Sun & Ski, and Sanctuary for Yoga. All classes are open to the public — boys and girls — and it's first come, first served. Make sure you get to each class early, as we maxed out nearly every class on the 2012 Crawl. Full schedule available here.

What, you're not into fitness? Perhaps you have a laundry list of excuses as to why you don't want to get off the couch and burn a few calories today? Well, I'm here to argue with you on all of them. I mean, if you read anything I write, it's no secret that my two favorite food groups are cake and whiskey. And since I was not blessed with one of those supernaturally fast metabolisms, I have to run my arse around the block if I'm going to squeeze into my favorite I+W jeans.

When we did the first Fitness Crawl last year, I tried workouts I had never done before, including the amazing classes offered at Krank Nashville. Krank had only been open a few months at the time, and so many curious cardio blasters showed up that they had to create another class that evening, sending a full group in to cycle while the rest of the participants took an intense, fun Krank class.

Krank owner and general badass Sarah-Jane Hill
  • Krank owner and general badass Sarah-Jane Hill

So, if your next excuse is that you've taken cycling or spinning before and you hate it, I can relate. I hate cycling. In a typical cycling class, you might be focused on your speed, or the clock, or the fact that your butt is on fire from sitting on an uncomfortable bike seat. In a Krank cycling class, there is no tracking of your RPM or how many seconds you have to climb a hill. The incredible instructors guide you in tandem with the music, so you follow the rhythm of the music, not the countdown of the clock. This is incredibly freeing, and makes time pass much faster.

Apparently, I called Sarah-Jane before class to see what she was wearing
  • Apparently, I called Sarah-Jane before class to see what she was wearing

Said instructors will also get off their bikes, walk around the class, and push you harder. Oh, and as I learned last year, if you show up to class and you're still wearing your sparkly makeup from the night before, they will probably make you sit front and center. You'll be sweating out that whiskey in front of the whole class, my friends. But you'll be blasting so many calories and erasing your hangover at the same time, so everybody wins, right?

But what I really fell in love with was the Krank class, a hybrid of interval and cross training involving strength and cardio exercises with props such as TRX, sandbags and other instruments of torture that are actually quite fun. Most exercises are broken down into 30- or 60-second intervals, so you truly push yourself to your limit before a short recovery. Honestly, with all the toys you get to play with in a Krank class, it's kind of like being on a playground. Remember that? When you were a kid? When you literally ran as fast as you could, or scuttled across the monkey bars like an actual monkey? That was playtime, and you weren't thinking about burning calories, you were just having fun. That's Krank.

The Equalizer!
  • The Equalizer!

  • TRX!!

I was so obsessed after one session that I ended up doing 30 days of Krank. It whipped this hard drinkin', hard eatin' girl into shape, let me tell you that. You can read all about that experience here and here, and I encourage you to do the same. If I can do it, you certainly can, because you're probably generally less hungover than I am.

I hope you will join me 6 p.m. April 11 when Krank will offer a Strength & Cycle class, which is 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of Krank. The best of both worlds. You can pre-register at, and I expect those spots to fill up quickly.

So no excuses, Nashville. Come out and play!

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