Tonight: Pictures of Fireworks at Fido's




Corporate Juggernaut Presents: Pictures of Fireworks
When: 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 27
Where: Fido's

Ever since I discovered The Moth, the popular storytelling-show-turned-public-radio star, I’ve hoped that Nashville would land a similar show of its own. And what luck! The forward-thinkers at Corporate Juggernaut have made that dream come true with their monthly Pictures of Fireworks.

Not unlike The Moth, Pictures of Fireworks invites booked guests — often comedians, but also professors, bartenders and more — to tell their best stories on stage. Between each booked storyteller, audience members have an opportunity to tell their own stories. The only rules: you’ve got just five minutes, you can’t use notes and the story has to be true. Nobody wants to hear your Twilight fan fiction — take that nonsense to a Cafe Coco open mic. The show is free, with sign-up starting in the back room at 7:30.

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