The Butler Does It: Landry Butler at This Week's Third Thursdays at The Building



Country Life was happy to get word that Landry Butler — founding member of Untitled, longtime Nashville visual and performance artist, and instigator of the mysterious musical ensemble known as the Inglewood Social Club — will be doing a rare live performance of his spoken-word set Back and Black at Thursday's Third Thursdays at The Building (formerly Billups Art), 1008 Woodland St.

"From his stage-fright laden debut at Untitled's Jungle Show to performances at The Belcourt Theatre and Burning Bajos, Butler has amused and confused audiences for decades with his brand of spoken word, music and visual art," he says in a typically self-deprecating release.

The Social Club will be present only on tape, alas, but Butler has stage presence to spare. And he's on a bill that includes musical guests Ole Mossy Face and Stephen Simmons, fellow spoken-word artists Nicole Branigan, Ben Burr and Jamie Givens, East Side Story proprietor Chuck Beard, and visual artists Barbara Clark and Shaun Shively.

The show begins at 6 p.m., and admission is $10. Full release below.

Un Bound Arts Presents Third Thursdays @ The Building is a monthly event series put on by Un Bound Arts. The series is located at The Building in East Nashville and promotes the collaboration and intermingling of artistic disciplines to reach new goals creatively. We are working with established artists in all disciplines as well as inviting new people coming on the scene to participate and connect.

March Show featuring:

visual artists: Shaun Shively and Barbara Clark

spoken word artists: Landry Butler and Chuck Beard, East Side Story, Nicole Branigan (author of "Stained Glass Mirror"), Ben Burr (author of "The Nashville Poems" and "feeling nuthin but stoned") and Jamie Givens (author of "Never Offer A Chair To A Dancing Girl")

musical artists: Stephen Simmons and Ole Mossy Face

$10 at the door

Sponsored by The Building, 1008C Woodland St., Nashville, TN 37206

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