Opening Friday: Baroque Times in Chestnut Square




Baroque Times
Where: Ground Floor Gallery in the Chestnut Square Building (427 Chestnut St.)
When: 6-9 p.m. Friday, March 22. After that, it's by appointment only.

Another Friday night, another killer show at Chestnut Square. This time it's at Ground Floor Gallery, a relatively new venture by Watkins prof Willard Tucker. Here's the press release/exhibition statement:

Baroque Times is an exhibition of selected works by Watkins affiliated artists: Terry Thacker, Patrick DeGuira, William Stewart, David King and Robert Grand. Swapping themes of masculinity, work and pleasure across a dialectic of sensual desire and rugged utility, these works investigate aspects of the historical Baroque, a time bolstered by ecclesiastical excess and emotionally saturated in self-glorification. Sacred and profane gestures of productivity and decadence invite exploration into such unlikely frontiers as belly button rings, motorcycle mayhem and queer affects of baseball cards.

The Frontier of the Belly Button Ring: My new favorite nickname for the Chestnut Square studios. Can't wait to see what these guys have come up with.

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