Them Moving Picture Boys, Documenters of Nashville, in The City Paper



From left: Jace Freeman, Sean Clark
As you may recall, the trailer for the feature-length documentary Nashville 2012 — compiled and possibly expanded from the riveting, artful Docujournal series — turned up a couple weeks ago.

This week over at The City Paper, Abby White profiles The Moving Picture Boys, the duo behind the project, aka Jace Freeman and Sean Clark. The two started working together on a documentary about Haiti, and after doing some international work decided to turn their cameras on Nashville. The results have been terrific so far. Here's a bit of their work ethic:

“We started out of curiosity,” Clark said. “Originally, we decided we wanted to do [the project] for a year. We shot everything [for each episode] in a day: No interviews, everything in black and white, and all of the sound and video had to be captured on location, so we weren’t using sound effects or overdubs or anything like that. We’re passionate about the specific style, this fly on the wall, present-tense storytelling documentary.”

Check out the whole feature here; it's a good read. And if you haven't seen that trailer yet, here it is again:


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