The 'D' Word Closes, Long Live Diva Divorcees



I was snooping around Darkhorse Theater's website to find out more about Mary McCallum's play The "D" Word, which is closing this Saturday after a two week stint. McCallum's SistaStyle production company has long been a Scene favorite, but I was unaware of the fantastic web series McCallum is producing called Diva Divorcees. The first two episodes are online, and I'd encourage everyone who's interested in relationships, comedy, filmmaking or storytelling to watch them both.

Martin Brady's pick on The "D" Word is below, along with the second episode of the thematically linked Diva Divorcees. Here's hoping all's well in McCallum's love life — or at least providing her with more hilarious dramatic fodder. Tickets for Saturday's production are $10, and you can purchase them on the Darkhorse website.

This Mary McCallum play was first produced in Nashville in the spring of 2009. It’s a drama with comedy that explores the subject of divorce, as a group of family and friends gather for a couple’s 18th wedding anniversary. Old demons resurface, and surprising revelations come to the fore. The cast includes McCallum, Molly Breen, Jene India, Shelena Walden, Jimmie Hill and six others. Shawn Whitsell directs. —MARTIN BRADY

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