Tonight: Louis C.K. at TPAC


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Louis C.K.
When: 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 30
Where: TPAC's Jackson Hall

Even in the world of “comics’ comics,” Louis C.K. is a maverick, or better yet, the Ian MacKaye of standup. Turning a cult following into cold cash, the comedian made millions when he independently released his 2011 concert film Live at the Beacon Theater and 2012 album WORD: Live at Carnegie Hall online for a flat $5 each. C.K. pulled a similar move when he started selling tickets to his concerts directly through his own site, for $45 apiece.

On screen and stage, C.K tangles in uproariously twisted logic: His M.O. is to approach mundane daily plights and take them on a nosedive down the weirdest wormholes of the human mind, in the process shocking audiences with the uncomfortable, unutterable observations that most people would never let slip past their inner monologue. His surrealist style is the basis of his Emmy-winning FX series Louie, in which the comic plays a slightly less iconic version of himself. To recharge and keep content fresh, C.K. postponed the show’s fourth season until 2014. So is this a transitional period? See for yourself at TPAC tonight.


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