Studio Playlist: Rachel Briggs



It's not surprising that the studio playlist of Rachel Briggs is filled with moody, experimental noise. One look at her work — which includes the text-heavy psychedelic posters for Poetry Sucks!, PUJOL and the Scene's With Your Friends Fest cover — and you can tell that's totally her speed. As part of our new Studio Playlist series, here's Rachel's tracklist of songs that she works to, divided into sections that depend on the time of day.

By Morning
1. Oblivians, "Never Change"

2. River City Tanlines, "Black Knight"

3. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, "Second Guessing"

4. Thee Oh Sees, "Destroyed Fortress Reappears"

By Afternoon
5. Mount Eerie, "Pale Lights"

6. Baby Grandmothers, "Somebody Keeps Calling My Name"

7. Pärson Sound, "From Tunis To India in Fullmoon"

By Night
8. Yo La Tengo, "Barnaby, Hardly Working"

9. Vashti Bunyan, "Here Before"

10. Rachel's, "Water from the Same Source"

11. Tim Hardin, "Black Sheep Boy"

12. DM Stith, "Braid Of Voices"

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