January 2nd Blues Be Gone!


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It's January 2nd, which is the real start of the new year, since most of you were likely operating on limited brain cells yesterday. Now you're all back in the office — unless you're one of those lucky people whose company shuts down for the week — and trying to get back into the swing of things whilst keeping whatever ridiculous resolution you committed to when you were caught up in the hysteria of immediate self-improvement. Oh, and we didn't fall of the cliff, so yay!

(Side note: I failed in having dessert for breakfast this morning, breaking my anti-resolution, and I am feeling terrible about it. My cubicle-neighbor-in-crime, Joey, likes to lure himself out of bed with the promise of ice cream for breakfast. Seriously. But it's OK because he has zero percent body fat and usually tells you to get carbs out of his cube, proving the Oprah-approved theory that when you indulge early in the day, you behave later. Joey! Winning!)

Yeah, January 2nd can be a little rough. It's like yesterday, when you woke up after a wild night out and saw the person you brought home ... not so pretty at 8 a.m., are they? Anyway, we all need a palate cleanser, so, here are a few awesome things to make you smile this morning, things that have nothing to do with each other, and things that make me happy to be a human in 2013.


Imogene + Willie: Buy Jeans Now, Get 40% Off Later
Woah. We all know that I+W jeans are not cheap. That is because they are awesome. And in the month of January, if you buy a pair of jeans, you get a voucher to get 40% off your next pair of jeans in January 2014.

This can also be a resolution helper, people. I+W jeans keep you honest, especially the rigids, which you break in and mold to your body. That can be a little scary post-holiday, so these can be a little treat at the end of the month if you're working on removing a little bit of holiday cookie pudge. Make a pledge to yourself to not go up a pants size in the next 12 months, and reward yourself with a new pair next January! Or whatever, maybe you do go up a pants size, and who cares? Your next pair is still 40% off. If you've been on the fence about trying these jeans, as I have, (hey, like my girl Oprah, I fluctuate ... please see dessert for breakfast) this is a good incentive. I'm biting, for real.


Nashville Public Library Offers Food for Fines!
OK, so you kept that library book a little too long. Shame on you. But it's OK — God forgives, and so does the Nashville Public Library. From January 7-20, you can help feed the hungry and get rid of your overdue fines. The library will forgive $1 in overdue fines for each can or package of food (qualifying items are peanut butter, canned chicken or tuna, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned soups, cereal and pasta) you bring in, and all donations go straight to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle TN.

The library asks that you do not drop a bunch of open packages off or use this as some sort of excuse to clean out your pantry. New, fresh items of quality, right? That fruitcake = not eligible (and not edible). Last year the drive raised 50,000 pounds of food, so let's aim higher this year, Nashville! More info here.


Learn Something New Today, Because It's Fun!
OK, I learned this yesterday, but I still want to share. If you're a Scene reader, I'm surmising that you like to learn about random stuff. You might even be one of those people who likes talk about letters that failed to make the English alphabet more than whatever uncelebrity is having a baby and eating frozen yogurt. Maybe you'll even try pronouncing the "eth" out loud, which will cause people around you to stare. OMG there is a letter called thorn!! Anyway, thanks, Mental Floss, for keeping brains sharp in small doses.


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