The Best Trailer You'll See All Week: Chasing Ice Opens Tonight at Belcourt



As we wrote earlier in the week, The Belcourt has called off its showings of the slasher movie Silent Night, Deadly Night this weekend, saying that “the timing seems off for midnight movies about serial killers and childhood trauma.” Not to worry: If your holiday season won't be complete until you've seen Santa meathook some coed on reindeer antlers, it's still showing tonight and tomorrow night at Logue's Black Raven Emporium in East Nashville.

The decision to cancel Santa's slay got complaints from some Belcourt patrons and gratitude from others, but Facebook friends rushed in to vote a replacement. So goodbye killer Santa, hello Cousin Eddie and the Griswold gang: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation screens tonight and tomorrow at midnight.

And if it’s a white Christmas you’re wanting, the closest you’re likely to get is Jeff Orlowski’s Chasing Ice, one of the most visually spectacular and troubling nature documentaries of recent years. In it, photographer James Balog and a team of young adventurers set out to chart the melting of Arctic glaciers, with lamentable success. It opens tonight at the theater for a week's run; read more here.

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