Season's Greetings from Marc Smirnoff



A message from former Oxford American editor and founder Marc Smirnoff:

Hey Jim,

If Betsy Phillips still works and judges at the Scene please offer her the below announcement which she can easily mine for snark. Or feel free to pass onto someone more thoughtful.

Happy Holidays.



New Content at!

O No!

* Featuring:

OA Founder Marc Smirnoff’s “Funky Old School" Louisiana Music Mix — an Online Alternative to the New Oxford American’s New CD on the "music of Louisiana," which features 21 artists...and only 3 are by women.

* As if to say, there are just THREE women in the history of Louisiana music who are worthy of spotlighting!

* To listen to Smirnoff’s online Louisiana mix (a sane alternative?) and to read his critique of the "New" Oxford American CD, just do one thing: visit

But there’s still more naughty new stuff on our site, including:

* The letter that Smirnoff wrote to the New York Times to complain about the August 8, 2012 savaging of Smirnoff & Fitzgerald. The Times dismissed Smirnoff's arguments and choose very forcefully NOT to run his letter. Well, now you can read his letter of complaint (and his intro on the matter) and decide for yourself whether the Times was right to support their reporter or Smirnoff was right to question her slant and execution.

* Lastly:

* Founder Smirnoff’s on New Oxford American editor Roger Hodge (and Interim Editor Warwick Sabin).


For all of above, please visit the newly updated That's the website of fired Oxford American editors Marc Smirnoff and Carol Ann Fitzgerald—also known as "The gang that won't shut up!”

(And, boy howdy, there are some people who wish they would.)


Today's Motto: Spread the word! And the word is!

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