Fireside Yoga Tonight — And It's FREE!



Have you been indulging in so many Christmas cookies that your jeans leave an imprint on your skin after you take them off? Yeah, me too. I even zipped myself into something last week, and that left a mark.

'Tis the season to ease up on the calorie counting, but it doesn't mean you have to completely give up. What if there was a way to sneak in an excellent workout and do something nice for someone less fortunate? Wouldn't that be amazing?

Our friends at lululemon are offering a community yoga class tonight at the Ruby near Hillsboro Village.

The class, led by lululemon ambassador Page Hart, is from 6:30-8 pm, and while it is free and open to the public, they are asking that you bring coats, socks or blankets (new or gently used), which they will donate to local nonprofit People Loving Nashville.

Stick around for cookies and cider after the class ... because it's the holiday season, people! Yoga + cookies = balance. More info here.

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