Louis C.K. Adds Nashville Date to His Upcoming Tour: Jan. 30 at TPAC



Louis C.K., pretty much sincere
  • Louis C.K., pretty much sincere

Everybody's favorite lovable creep Louis C.K. just announced that he'll be adding a few more shows to his upcoming tour, and apparently local comedy lovers have been really good this year, because — hooray! — a Nashville date is on the list.

The star of FX's Louie and the recent Internet-only release Live at the Beacon Theater, Louis really ups the dick-joke ante while he's filling your head with the most cringe-worthy filth imaginable, and really makes you think, you know? Also, he wrote and directed Pootie Tang. What more can you ask for in an entertainer?

Here's the full letter that went out to Louis C.K.'s mailing list on Friday:

Dear person reading this:
I just wanted to let you know that I am adding a bunch of cities and shows to my tour this year, to extend it into february, at which time ill be shooting my new standup special for HBO. The new cities on the tour are: (list). As before you can only buy tickets for these shows on my website. So please go over there and get tickets. The tour ends in Pheonix where I will shoot 4 shows over 2 nights for the hbo special. We have added 2 shows in pheonix on saturday the 16th.
Ok so that's it. Ill see you all on the road.

pretty much sincerely,

Louis CK

Get your tickets here, and watch a clip of his bit about sexy rape from 2008's Chewed Up below.

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