The Mercenary, Locked and Loaded Two Nights Only



Tonight and tomorrow only at The Belcourt, the Sergio Corbucci tribute continues with his epic The Mercenary. From last week's Scene:

Leone has gotten the lion's share of critical attention over the years, perhaps because his epic yarns have an operatic grandiloquence and an element of myth-making almost absent from Corbucci's termite Westerns. That will make it all the more interesting to compare their takes on similar material — such as Corbucci's 1968 The Mercenary (Dec. 8-9), which pits turn-of-the-century Mexican firebrand Tony Musante and Polish gun-for-hire Franco Nero against another of the director's vengeance-warped villains, American angel of doom Jack Palance. It arrived ahead of Leone's own Mexican Revolution reverie Duck, You Sucker! by three years; by that time, Corbucci had already made his own partial remake, Compañeros, reuniting Nero and Palance.

Go, even if it's only so you'll recognize Nero in his cool cameo in Django Unchained.

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