Good Reader: Songs and Stories for Kathleen, This Saturday at East Side Story



Kathleen Cosgrove
  • Kathleen Cosgrove
Songs and Stories for Kathleen
When: 6-9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8
Where: East Side Story, 1108 Woodland Street, Unit B

Fans of local author Kathleen Cosgrove's novel Engulfed know that Maggie Finn — Cosgrove's sleuthing journalist heroine — has a penchant for getting in a jam, only to get a hand from one of the novel's wacky cast of characters. In a case of life reflecting art, it's now Cosgrove who needs a little help from her friends — and their friends.

The Scene was recently informed by Chuck Beard at East Side Story that Cosgrove was injured in car accident on Nov. 28. According to Beard, the author will be fine, but she's facing a long recovery. To help, Beard has arranged a night of reading and music at the bookstore this Saturday night. A number of local authors and friends of Cosgrove have volunteered to read from their work, including: D. Alan Lewis, Angela Trumbo, A. Jay Lee and Nikki Nelson-Hicks who will also read from Cosgrove's book. Joe Khoury and Mark Harriman of Molly Ramone will provide the live jams.

Newbies might not know that East Side Story only sells books by Nashville authors — making it the most pro-local dead tree seller in the city, and it's no surprise that Beard's readers will be donating all proceeds from their book sales to Cosgrove's medical expenses tomorrow night. Good words for a good cause and a local gift-buying opportunity only two weeks before Christmas? Count us in — and get well soon, Kathleen!

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