Django, Sing — If You Can't Sing, Shoot!



As threatened in the Scene's film story this week on the Sergio Corbucci retrospective starting Sunday at The Belcourt, here's the trailer for Corbucci's biggest hit, the 1966 film that launched the successful Django franchise. It closes the retro Dec. 12-13.

More to the point — and we offer this as a warning — here is the diabolically catchy theme song, the true weapon in gunslinger Franco Nero's holster. We caution that after you hear this, every action you perform today will be punctuated by a female chorus cooing, "Djahnn-go!" Think of us kindly when you're closing a car door ("Djahnn-go!"), flushing a toilet ("Djahnn-go!") or boldly exiting a breakroom ("Djahnn-go!").

Then again, this may have positive effects as well. After hearing a few dozen lusty "Djann-go!"s followed by the stabbing twang of an electric guitar, my office mate Steve Haruch said, "You know, I suddenly feel virile and capable."

It hasn't worked on me yet, but here's hoping. "Djahnn-go!"

(UPDATE: This post now featuring the Rialto Pictures release trailer with added awesomeness. And dig that amazing poster in the Rialto link. "Djahnn-go!")

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