Clean Up on Aisle Three, and Four, and Five, and … The Uncut Intruder at the Cult Fiction Underground This Weekend!


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The late shift employees of Walnut Lake Supermarket are having a really bad night. In addition to slicing prices for a going-out-of-business sale, someone is slashing the employees into tasty bits. So goes Intruder, one of the lost legends of 1980s slasher films that will be screening this weekend in its restored, director’s cut version at the Cult Fiction Underground.

Directed by Scott Spiegel, a charter member of the Sam Raimi-Bruce Campbell-Coen Brothers cabal, Intruder was Spiegel’s feature film debut as a director after co-scripting Evil Dead 2 with Raimi. (Spiegel has since gone on to produce or executive-produce all three of the Hostel films, and he directed the third.) As with most productions from the Raimi circle, Intruder was intended to push the genre’s boundaries to the extreme, making it more than your average Spam-in-a-can slasher film by upping both the gore and intelligence levels.

Released in 1989, it hit the censoring hands of the MPAA during one of their most skittish periods. Sadly, the cuts required for an R rating not only reduced the splatter to a light drizzle, they rendered the movie largely incomprehensible.

Starring Dan Hicks (Evil Dead 2, Darkman) and Renée Estevez (The West Wing) along with cameo appearances by Sam and Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell, the uncut Intruder features some of the most outlandish and graphic kill scenes of any slasher film. As seen in the clip above, which is definitely unsafe for work or immediately following any meal.

Recently restored by Synapse Films this is a chance to see the original, uncut Intruder in all its grindhouse glory. So grab the surgical mask, rubber raincoat, butcher’s apron, or whatever else you need to protect yourself from the splatter get on down to the Cult Fiction Underground, underneath Logue’s Black Raven Emporium this weekend — showtimes are 8 and 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Patrons will be expected to bag their own body parts.


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