20 Gifts for the Art Nerd Who Has Everything




Oh, holidays. Right now, I love you. But in about two weeks I'll be so sick of your stupid cheerful face that I'll frantically run in the opposite direction whenever I hear even the slightest tinkling of bells. So, these next few days are my window of opportunity — the only chance I have to squeeze out however much holiday cheer it takes to trim my tree, drink hella eggnog, watch Charlie Brown specials, and buy stuff for all my friends. I might even enjoy it!

To help spread my all-too-temporary cheer, I've assembled a list of 20 things that will help satiate you and your cool friends' yearning for arty stuff. Think I missed something? Drop me a note in the comments.

1. Giving a share (or a half-share, or a mini-share) of CSArt is like giving your friend an in-your-name charitable contribution and original artwork all in one fell swoop.


2. A combination present of John Baldessari's tongue-in-cheek "Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell" magnet and "I will not make any more boring art" pencils can be either hilarious, inspirational or passive-aggressive, depending on your perspective.



3. Local printmaker Sam Smith (aka Sam's Myth) always makes impressive work, but his most recent screenprints of Wes Anderson films are some of his best ever.


4. And check out these iPhone cases with Sam's Myth designs that Society 6 is shilling out.


5. As a super-classy companion piece to that fancy case, throw in one of Otis James' iPhone sleeves.


6. Speaking of local printmakers, Bryce McCloud made extra copies of the print he made for our cover story on that very topic, filled with cute mice making prints and being adorable. I have one of these in my house, and I can attest that the bright colorway and sweet little mouse faces are just the best.


7. The Projecteo will project your Instagram photos into THE REAL WORLD. The results can be as arty or as porny as you'd like!


8. This badass Jenny Holzer T-shirt. Celebrate your favorite Cheekwood Sculpture Trail artist with this subtle yet defiant T.


9. Also available from Printed Matter: "Ho Ho Suck," an amazingly cool Harmony Korine print. This one's at the top of my list.


10. Recent winners of the Garden & Gun Made in the South award for Best Style + Design, Luke Stockdale's Sideshow Sign Company makes awesome posters in addition to those big marquee letters he's best known for — and both are a fraction of what you'd expect.


11. Carrie Mae Weems: Three Decades of Photography and Video This is a great way to introduce this important Frist Center exhibit to any art-loving Nashvillian. Tuck a museum pass — or a yearlong membership — inside for an extra treat.


12. Pro-tip: Use killer lighting to amp up any art collection. The guys at Southern Lights will design a custom farmhouse-style pendant light with an Edison bulb for you and your most stylish friends.


13. Into the custom-made thing, but don't have quite that much disposable income this year? Try some fancy cat art by Nashville-based artist Mandy Stoller! She'll turn your personal LOLcat library into some space-aged alien or flying-carpet traveller! And for the morbid and/or grieving among us, witness Stoller's "Your Pet in Heaven" print. Yeesh/Awesome.


14. For your favorite edgy teenager, one of Nashville-based artist Emma Klingbeil's "Little Creatures" prints will be just the thing to instill an appreciation for local art instead of your typical Tim Burton/Emily the Strange fare.


15. The Wild Unknown isn't local, but their prints of Tennessee legends Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson will showcase your affinity for both country music and sweet watercolors.



16. Scour BookMan/BookWoman or Rhino for a rare or first edition art book, especially something with a local angle like this out-of-print Robert Ryman monograph.


17. Cultivate your friend's interest in graffiti without getting them in trouble with this magic grime writing pen! OK, so it's not really magic — but when you fill it up with cleaning solution you can tag dirty walls or windows without actually committing a crime! Sneaky!


18. Brick Factory classes are the gifts that keeps on giving. Whether your friend is interested in woodworking, bookbinding or stop-animation, Brick Factory has you covered, and will make you look much cooler than you would handing over a typical big-box gift certificate. They recently relocated from Cummins Station to 500 Houston St., so this is the perfect chance to check out the new digs.


19. Wayne White wowed us (alliteration!) when he came to town for last month's Nash-Up conference, and one of the former Nashvillian's pieces would look fantastic above any sofa. Except maybe your Nana's. Although I hear she's pretty hip.


20. When all else fails, Hatch Show Print will save you.


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