Gift Guide: Blow Off Work For Cyber Monday Deals



Perhaps you were one of those people who totally avoided Black Friday insanity. Or maybe you camped in a parking lot so you could be the first person to buy a gigantic TV. Whatever. We're not judging.

Since America is all about inventing shopping-related holidays that are essentially 24-hour flash sales (again, not judging, and definitely not complaining, because we all like a bargain) we're celebrating Cyber Monday. Join us by pretending to work diligently while you score some major deals.

Some suggestions:

Our friends over at Stella Shops did a fabulous roundup on local sales, featuring some of our favorites such as Closet Case Vintage (30 percent off), What's-In-Store (deals on top 50 sellers) and Billy Reid (20 percent off).

Get the scoop here.


Mosey on over to DIY wonderland Etsy, where thousands of independent retailers are offering all kinds of deals for shoppers like you. You know, the ones who support independent retailers. Good for you. I bet you represented on Small Business Saturday, right? I'm obsessed with these literary prints, which are 20 percent off today.


If daring footwear is your jam, check out Solestruck, which is offering an unbelievable 50 percent off sale styles today. Because every girl needs some mile-high Jeffrey Campbells in her closet. This is one of those sites you have to log into, but setting up an account literally takes a second, and it's worth it. More here.


If somebody told me I could only shop in one store, I would pick AllSaints. This badass Brit retailer (which has a few stores in the U.S., the nearest ones to us are Chicago and Atlanta) sells timeless yet edgy women's and men's clothing. I'm particularly obsessed with their dresses and their bags. And their shoes. And their coats. And their screenprinted shirts. OK, everything they make is incredible. They don't run a lot of online sales, so when they offer you 20 percent off, you take it.


The store that women love and men fear — cosmetic superboutique Sephora — is offering $10 deals and a mystery grab bag with purchase. Admit it, you want to know what's in that bag ... order today and find out!


Planning a trip somewhere exotic and want to brush up on your Spanish/French/Latin? Learn language the Rosetta Stone way for $400 off. No joke. (And if anyone has a Latin set that they want to get rid of, you know where to find me. Really. I'll be your best friend.)


Fashionistas cheered when ASOS was finally made available for American shoppers last year, and getting an extra 30 percent off the already low prices (including sale!) renewed our love for this Brit site.


Um, pretty much everything is on sale at Amazon. Seriously, there's a waitlist for many items, and you probably already missed out on most of them.


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