Help Fund Friend, a Film Against Bullying, Starring Two Tennessee Teens



Only four days remain on this Indiegogo campaign to fund Friend, a feature film that plans to tell "the story of two teenagers experiencing the trials and tribulations of growing up gay and transgendered small town America." That small town happens to be Oak Ridge, Tenn., just a few hours to our east. From director Elliot London:

I will never forget the day I was listening to NPR on September 22, 2010. I was driving with my producer Andy Wells from Cincinnati to a shoot location in rural Kentucky. News reported that a gay college student just took his life for being outed through Twitter by his fellow hall mate. My heart was breaking at the sound of the report, and I knew when the time was right that I needed to tell a story that would be important for not only the LGBT community, but anyone that has been bullied.

I did a lot of soul searching and wrote down my darkest moments of being bullied before setting out on a road trip across the United States to really understand what our LGBT youth is facing in 2012. I met some incredible people while on this journey. It was two of them that stood out most to me in helping write a treatment for FRIEND. I honor their struggles and courage in the two characters that will make this film.

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