Nash-Up: Remixing Nashville's Arts, Culture and Creative Future Today at The Frist




Just like the best parties always converge in the kitchen and the best sex is always after a fight, the best conversations are often the byproducts of an event, not its primary purpose. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Metro Arts to conclude this year’s Artober events with a down-to-earth, deeply investigatory panel of exactly what it means to be a creative person in Nashville.

We’ve called it Nash-Up because we’re interested in facilitating discussion across disciplines — the film industry will cross paths with the fashion industry, graphic novelists will speak to performance artists, and poets will join gallery directors in a conversation about what makes them tick. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse set designer, artist, puppeteer and former Nashvillian Wayne White is traveling from L.A. to give a keynote address, and moderators include the Frist curator Mark Scala and nationally recognized poet Stephanie Pruitt.

You guys are coming, right?


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