Halloween, Nashville Style



We're kind of nerdy over here when it comes to Halloween. This year, bypass the witch and vampire outfits, and spare the only set of white sheets you have, because nobody wants to see a shitty ghost costume.

We challenge you to try a little harder and capitalize upon the incredible local Halloween costume options. You know, the kind that only a real Nashvillian would get. It's SO easy!! A few suggestions:

Something tight and sparkly + major hair extensions + big boobs = Hayden Panetierre's character from Nashville. Juliette Barnes, that is.

  • Image via wetpaint.com

Predators jersey + jeans + slippers = Really bored Preds player


I'm trying to think of a good Scott DesJarlais joke here, but why would anyone want to dress up like this tool?
But, if you must: Bald cap + suit + scowl = Scott DesJarlais (extra points if you don a doctor's coat)

  • Image via timesfreepress.com

Feathered wig + bright suit jacket = Local news anchor, perhaps Nancy Amons from WSMV?

  • Image via twitter.com

Really, no disrespect intended to Ms. Amons, but the hair. THE HAIR. If you feel like this particular costume might be too specific for the average Joe to comprehend, swap out the bright suit jacket for ... WAIT! Nevermind. This is the rare costume that could be interpreted two ways. Proof:

  • Image via latenightwithjimmyfallon.com

How about country's leading princess, Miss Taylor Swift? Lately, it's been more like Sailor Swift, but we hear the Kennedy boyfriend (and, accordingly, Martha's Vineyard vacays) might be gone, so do this look while you can.

  • Image via last.fm

Speaking of Taylor Swift, you could go as her ex-boyfriend. Just pick one. Any.

  • Image via metrolyrics.com

Lastly, if you're looking for another costume that could go both ways ...
Scary mask + nice suit = Bart Durham or The Cryptkeeper


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