Use Your Illusion: Hard-Rocking Illusionist Sammy Cortino at Hard Rock Cafe



Many folks thrill to witness a skilled variety artist at work — be that person a plate spinner, torch juggler, ventriloquist, sword swallower or sleight-of-hand magician. But there is something about seeing a mystical performer of large-scale stage illusions that brings out the Copperfield, Houdini, or Siegfried & Roy in all of us. Nashville illusionist Sammy Cortino will surely regale his audience tonight at 9 p.m. at the downtown Hard Rock Cafe as he magically elevates and cuts/restores a lovely assistant.

For the performance, Cortino will be backed by local hard-rock outfit Omega Swan, a pairing that will likely render the festivities all the more exciting (as you'll see in the above clip of his straijacket escape). Though no tigers will be used (thankfully), we’ll be interested to see if Cortino undertakes the nail-biting needle-swallowing and bullet-catching-with-teeth illusions.

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