Nashville's StyleBlueprint is Big In Riyadh?




I'm not even going to pretend that Wired is ever on my reading list, so I have to thank Steve Haruch for passing this one my way. On Monday, Wired posted a story about Nashville-based lifestyle blog StyleBlueprint, which just won "Best Local Blog" and "Best Style Blog" in our Best of Nashville Reader's Poll.

Run by Elizabeth Fox and Liza Graves, StyleBlueprint launched in early 2009 and has won over legions of fans through their coverage of local fashion, food, home decor, and people. They also offer some pretty incredible local deals that make Groupon pale in comparison, and they've expanded regionally into Atlanta, Birmingham, Louisville and Memphis (according to their site, the expansion isn't stopping anytime soon).

So we get it, it's a popular local blog. But what Wired discovered is that StyleBlueprint's Facebook page racked up an impressive number of "likes" from Saudi Arabia and Indonesia after they ran some ads — you know, the ones that target you as a crazy cat lady or someone who might be interested in really awesome expensive yoga clothes ... I have to say, they are pretty right on with their ads for me, in case you're wondering:


Anyway, back to StyleBlueprint. The article pretty much explains it better than I can (I lost interest when terms like "cloud storage startup" and "click-fraud specialist" were thrown around ... this is why I read StyleBlueprint and not Wired), but the gist is that the author wondered if this was some sort of scam orchestrated by "fraudsters and data thieves." Spooky.

Some Facebook engineer gave a technical explanation that made my head hurt because everything in Facebook's Help Center makes my head hurt, but basically, even though everyone on earth is loving on Nashville lately, it does not appear that some robots in Riyadh are targeting our most popular blog. Or are they?

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