Smokin' Hot Salsa Dura: La Excelencia Tonight at Ingram Hall



La Excelencia
Where: Vanderbilt's Ingram Hall
When: Fri., Oct. 12, 8 p.m.

Vanderbilt’s Great Performances series, which has brought a variety of international arts performances to Nashville for the past 38 years, welcomes innovative salsa dura group La Excelencia to Ingram Hall. La Excelencia, which boasts an 11-piece orchestra, offers the driving rhythms and melodic arrangements you’d expect from a salsa band, yet they use their platform to bring awareness to modern-day issues such as immigration, poverty and discrimination. If you really want to show off all those moves you learned in Zumba class, don’t miss the community salsa class that will take place at 6:30, prior to the show. To reserve a spot, call 322-2471.

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