Cross-Cultural (Ex)change: 'Concept Has No Geography' at Threesquared and TSU




Concept Has No Geography: A Two-Part Exhibition
Where: Tennessee State University's Space for New Media and Threesquared Gallery
When: Opening reception 5-9 p.m. tonight at TSU

A two-part exhibition displayed at both Tennessee State University's Space for New Media and the Threesquared Gallery at Chestnut Square, Concept Has No Geography is the result of an artists exchange program between TSU and the Kunsthochschule Kassel (College of Art Kassel) in Germany.

The show marks the premiere of TSU's new Six Elements student art group which includes members London Thomas, Shannen Long, Kazadi Kazadi, Preston Mitchell, Marquis Guthrie and Gabe Batres. These student-artists traveled to Germany to experience the art scene in Kassel and also hosted a visit to Nashville from Kunsthochschule Kassel students Ekachai Eksaroj, Flaut Michael Rauch, Kati Liebert, Ann Schomburg and Steffi Simmen. The resulting individual and collaborative works embrace a number of media including performance, video, sound art, photography, sculpture, paintings and installation art.

Highlighting the mobility of aesthetic ideas, the show resonates with the kind of inspiration one inevitably encounters in the novel surroundings that travel can provide — it's clearly work that's been fueled by personal insights. In her press release, curator Sabine Schlunk observes, "Being far away from home makes each of them experience their own identity in new ways. Geography and history merge. Stories become understandable despite language difficulties.”

Here's hoping Six Elements emerges as the Company H of TSU, and that they eventually join forces with the Watkins artists to form a kind of Avengers of Nashville's undergrad art community. Tonight's opening reception at the TSU space happens from 5—9 p.m. The show runs through Nov. 1.

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