Winter Shorts: Just Do It



Some trends deserve to stay on the runway, and some trends are only appropriate when executed by twentysomethings with zero body fat.

The whole shorts-with-tights look is certainly nothing new, but it seems to be more popular than ever. And why not? Why should you have to banish all of your hot shortie-shorts to the back of your closet until mid-2013? Tights come in every possible color and pattern nowadays, and dammit, you want to show off your legs.

While the hipsterfied denim-cutoffs-with-black-tights trend appears to have, um, legs ...

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We challenge you to elevate this look. Fancy shortie shorts and tights. Need some inspiration? Here you go. Oh, and NONE of these ladies are twentysomethings, but they do have zero percent body fat. The rest of us can buy Spanx.

Gwen, you can do no wrong.

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Zooey. Perfect.

Loving this look on Sienna ...

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... but does she even have pants on here?

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Oh no. She does not. But it works, somehow.

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