Oh HELL Yes! New Stoker International Trailer Much Creepier Than First



Last week we passed along the promising first trailer for Stoker, the English-language debut of South Korean phenom Park Chan-wook. The psychological thriller was filmed last fall in Nashville with a cast featuring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode and Dermot Mulroney, who starred in another Nashville-shot movie we wrote about this week. (We also heard about some pretty sly cameos by local artists of whom director Park is a fan — but we'll save that for later.) It looked creepy but a little reserved, more teaser than full-on pitch.

Now Twitch has alerted folks to the significantly different international trailer, and it looks great — seething with tension, threat and a really disturbing erotic undercurrent. Kidman looks a little less menacing and more sympathetic in this one, but overall it gives off a much stronger sense of Park's voluptuous style. (Mark Nebraska knows what we're talking about.) If there's a Hitchcock, Argento or De Palma fan who hasn't yet made the acquaintance of Park's "Vengeance" trilogy, prepare to meet your new best friend.

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