Don't Miss the Boat: Rivette's Celine and Julie Two Days Only at Belcourt



A head-scrambling combination of Alice in Wonderland and Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr., Jacques Rivette's three-hour 1974 mindbender Celine and Julie Go Boating remains a dizzying head trip: a fantasy about magic candy, malleable identities and the act of watching a movie, centered on two adventuresome Parisians (Dominique Labourier and Juliet Berto) who morph from passive observers to active participants as they're transported to a mansion where murder is afoot and every entrance alters the story within.

Thank The Belcourt for this two-day run Saturday and Sunday — especially if you're one of the iron-man cinephiles who drove from Nashville to Chicago for a 2007 screening of Rivette's 12-hour-40-minute 1971 feature Out 1. If you saw last weekend's Belcourt screening of Vera Chytilova's Daisies, you'll experience a sense of deja vu entirely in keeping with the movie.

(Strongly recommended: this terrific appreciation by J. Hoberman, which not only situates the movie in its time and influences but draws a delightful comparison among it, The Avengers and Shirley Clarke's The Connection.)

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