Halloween Horrors: MTSU's "October Scarefest" A Surprisingly Strong Film Series



Middle Tennessee's horror movie nuts have never had the perplexing plethora of possibilities they face this month, from this weekend's Nashville Comic and Horror Festival at the Fairgrounds — hello? Ernie Hudson in his Ghostbusters costume? cast members from the original Night of the Living Dead? — to The Belcourt's Universal Horror retrospective. (And that's not to mention any of the month's attractions at Logue's Black Raven Emporium, where ’70s cult favorite Lynn Lowry will be signing autographs Friday night and introducing the notorious ’70s hippie hatefest I Drink Your Blood.

Now MTSU's Student Programming and Activities Films Council has upped the ante even more, with a digital screening series worth the haul out to Murfreesboro. Their "October Scarefest" offers back-to-back horror nights every Monday and Tuesday (save fall break). Sure, the movies are mostly public domain, but that only shows what goodies a sharp-eyed connoisseur can find out there on the fringes.

That includes the first two films in the series: Fritz Lang's unnerving 1931 classic M (showing 6 p.m. tonight in MTSU's new Student Union Video Theater) and Roger Corman's very funny beatnik spoof A Bucket of Blood, with Corman stock player Dick Miller in his first of his appearances as Walter Paisley (6 p.m. Tuesday). Next week's pairing of Italian-horror gems is just as impressive: Dario Argento's terrifying Deep Red (Oct. 8) and Mario Bava's stylish occult chiller Kill, Baby ... Kill! (Oct. 9).

Full list and MTSU's release below.

Frighten yourself into a monthlong film frenzy when MTSU’s Student Programming and Activities Films Council brings “October Scarefest,” its annual offering of horror movies, back to campus.

Monday and Tuesday nights in October will make your blood run cold with classic public-domain thrillers like “Bucket of Blood,” “Night of the Living Dead” and “Freaks.”

Oct. 19 and 20 marks MTSU’s third-year showing of the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” complete with a toast-tossing live shadowcast by Little Morals, a Nashville-based group of “Rocky Horror” performers.

The weeknight movies will be screened free at 6 p.m. inside the new Student Union Video Theater, located in Room 208 of the newly opened building on the east side of campus.

Admission is $5 per person for “Rocky Horror,” which will be shown at midnight Oct. 19 and 20 in the second-floor Keathley University Center Theater.

All films are open to the public as well as the on-campus community.

The weeknight “Scarefest” lineup is:

• “M,” the 1931 noir thriller from director Fritz Lang, on Monday, Oct. 1;
• “Bucket of Blood,” a 1959 offering from Roger Corman, on Tuesday, Oct. 2;
• “Deep Red,” a 1975 mystery by the groundbreaking Dario Argento, on Monday, Oct. 8;
• “Kill Baby Kill,” Italian horror great Mario Bava’s 1966 classic, on Tuesday, Oct. 9;
• “Night of the Living Dead,” the 1968 gorefest from George Romero, on Monday, Oct. 22;
• “Bloody Pit of Horror,” the 1966 gothic horror film by Massimo Pupillo, on Tuesday, Oct. 23;
• “The Tingler,” the 1959 offering from William Castle that tied on-screen scares with in-theater gimmicks, on Monday, Oct. 29; and
• “Freaks,” Tod Browning’s 1932 terrifying glimpse into circus sideshow life, on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

No Scarefest films will be screened during Fall Break, Oct. 13-16.

“Rocky Horror,” first released in 1975, is the longest-running release in film history and has been playing in theaters’ midnight showings for decades. The science-fiction/B-movie musical parody is renowned for its audience participation, which often includes dressing like the film’s characters and acting out scenes.

Squirt guns or candles won’t be allowed in the theater during the “Rocky Horror” screenings for safety reasons. The film is rated R, and IDs will be checked. Non-MTSU students 17 and younger must have a parent or guardian accompanying them. MTSU students with a current ID and a paid ticket will be admitted regardless of age.

Pre-sale tickets for “Rocky Horror” will be available in Student Union Room 340 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. beginning Thursday, Oct. 4. Tickets also will be available immediately before both screenings beginning at 11 p.m. at the KUC Theater box office, and the doors will open at 11.

For more information on “October Scarefest” 2012, call 615-898-2551, visit www.mtsu.edu/events or follow @MTSUStudProg on Twitter.

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