Hip Donelson!



It is not cool to say you’re cool. That is a universal truism; the only way to be cool is for other people to say you’re cool, wistfully, to a third party who is staring at you from across the room while you gaze off into the middle distance, coolly. One can’t just go around and proclaim oneself “Easily the Toughest Guy in Town” or “Without a Doubt the Prettiest Girl in Tennessee” or, especially, “Unapologetically Nashville’s Hippest Community.”

Unless you’re Donelson.

Yes, Nashville’s favorite Place by the Airport has apparently birthed a new community of civic boosters, people who are proud to call home “just off Lebanon Pike.” HipDonelson.com is the go-to place for all the hot haps, friendly cops and lists of plumbers that a growing group of people super into their neighborhood need. Donelson may get left out when Nashville’s national accolades come rolling in — but it definitely has a comic book store, which is pretty neat. Besides, this is actually far less dorky than a “37206” bumper sticker.

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