Blues Control Show Tonight Moved to Dino's in East Nashville



Here's a clip of Blues Control, the Pennsylvania duo whose gig scheduled for tonight at the as-yet unopened The Stone Fox has been moved to Dino's in East Nashville. They'll perform at 9 p.m. on a bill with The Altered Statesman, Pale Rider (featuring Phase Selector Sound's Craig Allen) and Thollem Electric (aka Thollem McDomas on solo electronic piano).

From promoter Chris Davis:

Russ Waterhouse and Lea Cho create beautiful and engaging psychedelic music from tape loops, electronics, guitars and keyboards. One great thing about Blues Control is that they're always improving and pushing their sound in surprising new directions and you can hear that growth in each new release. The couple's recent FRKWYS collaboration with Laraaji—whose own "Day of Radiance" was the third entry in Brian Eno's Ambient series—is both playful and serene, a...good place to be. Another great thing about Blues Control is they're just really fucking good.

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