We're Number Four! We're Number Four! Nashville Ranks Fourth on National List of Fashionable Cities



Have a fashion hangover, darlings? We understand. Yesterday was Fashion's Night Out, when retail stores, fashion houses, fashion magazines, models and other beautiful people celebrated the kickoff of upcoming fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan. Festivities included specials at boutiques and their virtual storefronts and star-studded parties around the globe. Here in Nashville, local boutiques and stylish epicenter The Mall at Green Hills invited guests in for fun-filled shopping events — hey, champagne always makes you buy more — in honor of la vita da favola.

Whether you hit local stores or virtually shopped 'til you dropped, thanks for stimulating the economy! And here's some good news for you local fashionistas: In a report released by The Atlantic Cities, Nashville ranks No. 4 on a list of leading American cities for fashion.

  • Image via theatlanticcities.com

Nashville beat out other haute cities such as Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and New Orleans in a ranking that used data from a database of employed and self-employed fashion designers along with stats from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census’s American Community Survey and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Hey, we're flattered. But we think we can pull ahead of Columbus next year ... right??

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