After Sunday at Cool Springs Thoroughbred: A Red Carpet Premiere for the End of the World



The locally produced thriller After doesn't open in theaters until Sept. 14, but the filmmakers are celebrating its impending release with an invitation-only red-carpet premiere Sunday night at the Carmike Thoroughbred 20 in Cool Springs.

Confirmed for the 7 p.m. event are stars Steven Strait (Magic City), Karolina Wydra (House), Sandra Lafferty (The Hunger Games), Madison Lintz (The Walking Dead) and April Billingsley (The Vampire Diaries); Michael W. Smith; Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher; Tennessee Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck; and Italian model and actress Isabelle Adriani.

As for the movie, here's what Jason Shawhan wrote when it showed at this year's Nashville Film Festival:

Following a meet-cute shattered by a catastrophic accident, After wastes no time immersing us in the lives of two individuals who may be the only people in the world. Since there's a giant wall of swirling evil slowly contracting around them, the metaphorical race is on. As with most suspense/otherworldly thrillers, you find yourself hoping that it's not going to settle for a dumb twist or rote predictability: the exciting surprise is how smartly co-writer/director Ryan Smith avoids those pitfalls. The lead performance from Magic City up-and-comer Steven Strait is great, and Nashville's Magnetic Dreams devised some remarkably good special effects (including a first-rate monster): a couple of simply magnificent images of weird, surreal power will stay with you. Some dialogue rings a little flat, and some narrative transitions seem a bit too on the nose, but it's been ages since we've had a local effort this strong.

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