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In the spirit of loving on the '90s, we'd like to give a big shout-out to Denise Huxtable.

Daughter of doctor Cliff and lawyer Clair Huxtable, a fashion plate herself, Denise won our hearts with her sense of style from day one. When The Cosby Show premiered in 1984, Denise was 16, and — in addition to being drop-dead gorgeous — had a rad sense of style. It must have really sucked to be Denise's sister, whether you were boring older sister Sondra, annoying little sister Rudy, or — the Jan Brady of the Huxtables, poor Vanessa. (Does anyone even remember Vanessa?)

Denise could rock any hairstyle.

Pincurled Perfection

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Awesome dreadlocks.

Short and haute.

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Short, haute and high.

Au naturel, yet '80s pouffy:

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Denise could rock any accessory in her hairstyle.

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Denise was not afraid of adventurous eye makeup.

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Denise even made braces look cool.

But it was her clothing, sourced from a seemingly neverending closet, that had all of us either green with jealousy or ripe for inspiration. Denise, when you went off to college — to A Different World, specifically — and even all the way to Africa, where you married that guy and brought Raven-Symone back, we were with you on your sartorial journey. Thank you.

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But when your TV dad has a collection of such awesome sweaters, what else would you expect?


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