Floral Pants, Flannel, Black-on-Black-on-Black: '90s Fashion is Back!



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If you follow fashion trends, then you know that everything is cyclical. Whether it's a particular era, or a specific fashion icon, or even an entire country, we see these inspirations repeatedly reborn on the runways, frankensteined by fresh designers into something new and fresh.

This summer, we've seen lots of microminis, neons and floral pants. Yes, floral pants. Sounds a little Saved By The Bell-ish? It is.

Hipster or Kapowski? You be the judge.

But seriously, the '90s are front and center in popular culture right now, and what's so interesting is that it's all of the '90s. Not just the Lisa-Frankified, Hypercolor stuff, but even the grunge and slacker style that spread across the land not so long ago. And for those of us who grew up in the '90s, we think it's pretty rad.

So, let's (re)visit some of the looks that were so good the first time, and even better this time around:

When I was in high school, girls went through a bizarre phase that I will attempt to describe as "meticulously sloppy." Perhaps it was a reaction to the severe mall-bangs-and-turquoise-eyeshadow look of the late '80s, or perhaps it was a Midwestern thing. Either way, we girls would carefully apply a natural, nude makeup look — maybe some deep red matte lipstick, and those eyebrows were plucked to obscurity, thanks to Kate Moss — and carefully style our long, wavy hair in a just-woke-up manner. And the clothing? Ugh. Baggy jeans, baggy shirts, giant plaids unbuttoned over them, a la Cobain. (I'm fairly certain that was not just a Midwestern thing). I hesitate to admit that we even wore scrubs — yes, doctor scrubs — for a while, and it was actually a cool thing to do. (Don't judge. I bet you owned overalls.)

Slacker icons, Angela and Rayanne:

  • Image via radiokgirlgems.blogspot.com

Plaid is all over fall 2012 fashion, although it has a chic edge:

  • Image via houston.culturemap.com

Despite these fancy plaids, check the hair. Still pretty bedhead. Oh, and if you really want low-maintenance, a big hair trend among models with Rapunzelesque locks = sock buns. Seriously. My inner Rayanne approves.

  • Image via hellogiggles.com

The recent Spice Girls reunion — and the Olympics in general — served as a great reminder that athletic apparel can be quite fetching.

  • Image via melaniec.s5.com

This fall, try out a pair of track pants that can be dressed up or down.

  • Image via collegefashion.net

I'm obsessed with these French Connection pants — they look a little Sporty Spice, but they're still posh. You could throw on a tank and flats for a casual brunch or dress it up with a jacket and heels for work.

  • Image via frenchconnection.com

Since the '90s were soooo goth-friendly ...


We're excited that Style.com says that "black is the new black" for fall. For those who love a color that goes with everything, including itself, we rejoice! For the past few months, wearing black has been a hazardous sartorial option. Triple digit temps + black clothing = human furnace. So, in celebration of everyone's favorite non-color, let's paint it black!

We want any + all of these things from All Saints:

  • Image via abitcoquettish.wordpress.com

And this incredible Zara dress with leather peplum:

  • Image via zara.com

Because, nothing says classy like an all-black ensemble, right, Courtney?

  • Image via theaudioperv.com

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