Birdemic to Receive Rifftrax Live Treatment at Belcourt on Oct. 25



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Hey there, Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan! Still depressed over not being able to score tickets to Thursday's way sold-out Rifftrax Live screening of Manos: The Hands of Fate at The Belcourt? Well, we have some good news for you: Rifftrax's Michael J. Nelson has apparently heard your teeth gnashing and frantic Craigslist refreshing.

Eagle-eyed fans of Nelson — one third of Rifftrax and a former MST3k host/head writer — may have noticed something awfully interesting in a recent interview he did with Boing Boing, in advance of this week's Rifftrax Live screening:

Jamie: What movie, in recent years, do you think could hold a candle to Manos’ badness?

Mike: It’s really funny. This may seem self-serving, I swear it’s not, I swear I’m telling the truth. We’re doing a live showing of Birdemic coming up in October, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it… it just makes me smile. Manos I find kind of creepy, but Birdemic is bad on that level know, every single choice this guy made was the wrong one. Like every frame of the movie was a wrong choice, every actor was wrong, and yet, it’s a sublime experience. The unintentional humor is there throughout, it doesn’t really drag in terms of that. That’s the one that is currently my favorite.

A live showing of Birdemic? You don't say! Yes, it's true: The Belcourt will once again host Rifftrax Live in October, with cinematic horrorshow Birdemic: Shock and Terror as its target.

Birdemic, for those of you lucky enough to have never been subjected to it, is a 2008 rip-off of The Birds with an environmentalism bent. Starring atrocious non-actors and filmed with an upsetting level of incompetence, Birdemic is honestly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Ever. I caught it in 2010 at The Belcourt, roughly 8 hours before I received my college diploma, and left the theater with profound despair of the movie's existence. It wasn't exactly one of my better decisions.

As you may remember from our speculative post about Manos back in April, The Belcourt has become Rifftrax's go-to theater for the live savaging of terrible cinema. These events are simulcast in hundreds of theaters in the US, which makes our central time zone (and awesome movie theater) a major asset in the production of these shows. Whether or not we should feel lucky about being besieged by Birdemic once again is up in the air.

Tickets for the October show go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. This screening will sell out and it will sell out quickly. If you miss out on tickets (like you probably did for Manos), you'll be able to catch the simulcast version at Green Hills 16 and Opry Mills 20. That goes for Thursday as well, with the show starting at 7 p.m.

Peep the trailer for Birdemic and a preview of shorts for Thursday's screening after the jump.

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