Trailer Insanity: The Paperboy, aka 'The Nicole Kidman Jellyfish Movie'



Several readers scratched their heads at Dave Lundquist's entry in the Scene's 2012 "You Are So Nashville If..." contest: "You had to watch your wife pee on Zac Efron." Wonder no more. Here's the trailer for The Paperboy, the new drama by Precious director Lee Daniels starring Nicole Kidman, Efron, Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack, which left audiences at Cannes earlier this year arguing whether they'd just seen some kind of crazy masterpiece or a once-in-a-lifetime howler.

The entry refers to a scene involving jellyfish stings that quickly overshadowed the rest of the movie's press coverage. But as this trailer shows, the movie, adapted from a Pete Dexter novel, looks to contain no shortage of outrages: It promises the sort of sweaty, pulpy, over-the-top Southern Gothic melodrama that it's safe to say has never bored an audience. Watch this, then prepare for the movie's release in October by feeding a thumb-sucking jailbait cousin to some feral hogs.

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