David Chattam in Columbia State's 'Abraham Lincoln: Guilty Conscience'



As an appetizer for Steven Spielberg's upcoming Lincoln biopic with Daniel Day Lewis — or an antacid after Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — here's "Abraham Lincoln: Guilty Conscience," the silent short that won the Audience Award for its group at last week's 48 Hour Film Project award ceremony and picked up overall cinematography honors.

My brother Read Ridley made it with students from his program at Columbia State Community College in Franklin, designed to boost the state's depth of crew base by training students in key tech positions such as grip, electric and sound department. That's Nashville actor David Chattam in the lead role (not Abe Lincoln), and even if you're someone who routinely guesses a film's plot in the first 30 seconds ... well, I dare you here.

Not for the presidentially squeamish.

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